The Unmatched Experience of Evening Desert Safari is a Must in Lifetime

Desert is a beautiful place to see and experience. There is much more to it than what people who have been to a desert can possibly think of. An evening desert safari is probably the most unique and enthralling way of experiencing the beauty of a desert and cherish it for the rest of the life. The sand dunes can make you fall in love with them even if you believe what barren sandy deserts can offer after all. Go on a safari and the deserts will take you by a surprise.

If you have plans to go for a desert safari, you must prepare well for it. The first timers, especially can be pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming experience of it. Go for an evening desert safari in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and you are destined to get the best services at some affordable rates in these beautiful cities. What makes these safari experiences special is that when you are in the thick of it, the whole experience feels different,but still exactly the same how you imagined it to be.

What to Expect from a Desert Safari in Dubai?

The sprawling terrain in front of you will straight away force you to compare what you see with what you must have seen in movies or would have read in books. If you try to feel the sand in the desert, it will right away melt between your fingers and the texture and color of the sands may vary from place to place. The slowly lumbering camels just complete the picturesque scenery in front of your eyes.

The 4-wheel drive SUVs are the main highlights of an evening desert safari in Dubai. Right from Land Cruiser to Hummer, you get everything for your ride. In all this, you don’t need to break a sweat worrying about evening desert safari priceas there are different packages suiting your budget. Of course, the vehicles and the choice of services also differ from one package to other.

evening desert safari

Once you are aboard, the driver takes you through a roller coaster drive criss-crossing the dunes and driving from highs to lows and vice-versa. The whole experience gives you a high you will have registered in your head all your life. Tip your driver and be ready to experience some adrenaline pumping dune bashing with those heavy muscular machines all across the desert.

Once you are done with the drive, you reach the safari desert camp. Inside the camp, it looks some sort of fair is happening where you can see craftsmen having their own stalls and there is shisha or hookah that can be bought. You can go for henna tattoos and there also is booze that can be bought. The whole ambience gives you the feeling of being a part of one those old adventurous desert stories where people used to come to fairs for trading and entertainment.

As the evening progresses, you get to experience some performances by some amazing local artists, but what captures your mind the most is the belly dance program that you get to see by one of the dancers, often a Lebanese, or some other national. The belly dance just completes the whole experience as being in Emirate that is one thing you have been looking forward to since the time you landed. Those Shakira-sque moves get etched in your mind forever and of all things this is one thing that you take back home. Ending the evening desert safari in Dubai is the Tanoura dance by a male dancer that is breath-taking in itself.

Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi Is Equally Exciting

 An evening safari experience in Abu Dhabi typically lasts for around 5 hours and it takes you to the other extreme side of the unique and rich culture of the capital. You get to enjoy a camel ride in desert sunset, drive across some beautiful dunes and get to relish some amazing BBQ Emirati food. There are shows that take you to a different world and leaves you with long lasting memories. An evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi encompasses a lot in just 5 hours and this time that you experience in the sands of Abu Dhabi will be like no other previous experience of your life.

The right time to enjoy the evening safari would be leaving the city by afternoon and discovering the true face of Abu Dhabi as the noon falls. The desert off-roading is nothing short of enthralling, which is followed by visiting a camel farm and watching the sunset through the dunes.

You head towards the Arabic camp, which gives you the rural Arabic feel of a fair where you can enjoy belly dance performances, ethnic Arabic food, shisha and the typical Bedouin culture coffee. Carry some cash or card with you to buy what you want at the camp. Under the starlit sky, you get served with BBQ dinner. The whole experience gives you the first-hand knowledge of what authentic Arabic hospitality feels like.

You can also opt for overnight desert safari in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which becomes a different experience given your journey itself starts in the dark and the adventure multiplies manifolds. Off-roading through the dunes under the stars will make your time all the more worthwhile. Never anywhere else would you have imagined yourself being in the middle of a desert absolutely nowhere and still loving it to the core!

By the time you are done with the safari, you are left wanting for more and more and you realize those seemingly boring and dull sands back at the desert can infuse so much life in you without you realizing it. Call it the blessing of the nature to the Emirates or the intelligence of the man to leverage the sand and turn it into an experience, either way an evening desert safari is a lifetime experience and you must go for it next time you get an opportunity to do so.

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