Highlights of a Typical Safari Desert Camp

While most people believe desert safari is mostly about dune bashing and taking scenic pictures of sunset through the ridges and the dunes in the midst a desert, the camp that you reach right after your roller-coaster rides shows you another beautiful chapter to this world-class experience. A safari desert camp adds a lot of charm to your sandy escapade, more so when you know what to expect once you reach the camp.

In simple words, these desert camps are very similar to fairs, rather rural style Arabic fairs where there are many stalls offering different things in exchange for money. As soon as you reach the camp, the whole ambience is very welcoming and you realize the fun of the desert safari is going to take a different angle altogether from this point onwards.

Evening desert safari tours are daily programs in Dubai and there are many operators offering the tour as a service. The start of the safari is typically in a 4×4 off-roader that takes you through an exciting dune bashing drive across sand hills in the middle of the desert. After a small break at one of the highest dunes, the driver of the vehicle makes a stop at an ethnic Arabian Bedouin camp or what we call a desert safari camp, which is located right in the middle of the very famous Dubai desert.

Inside the Camp

Some of the operators offer better service than the others. Of course, they may charge your extra for the same as well. If you go with a well-known operator upon your arrival at the camp you are greeted with some Dates and Arabian coffee. Then there are many activities you can engage in like quad biking, camel riding and then there is a dedicated kids section where kids can dress as Arabians.

There are shops where you can buy souvenirs like authentic Arabian carpets and much more. Some more activities include buying Henna drawing and tattoos, smoking Shisha, eating Zalabia, relish both hot and soft drinks, and much more. Depending on the package and operator you choose, these services come either free or you have to pay for them.

Belly Dance and BBQ Dinner

Right after all the activities, at around 7 pm there is an announcement of dance show and music along with a very special performance by a Belly Dancer, which can keep you glued and entertained for quite some time. Some other performances include Tanoura Shows, Arabian Gulf folklore dancing and Puppets Show. You can enjoy all the performances while smoking Shisha or you can also go ahead with BBQ dinner, which includes some sumptuous cuisines like Biriyani, pasta, salads and much more. This gives the entire experience of desert safari camp a fine ending.

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